Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vacation Part 3: Wedding, Savannah, GA

Alright, back to the vacation shots.
This was one of my favorite parts of the vacation!  My awesome cousin Jesse got married in Forsyth Park, Savannah to this sweet, sweet girl named Adrienne.  Their wedding was beautiful!  Right in front of that gorgeous, antique fountain.

Jesse is waiting expectantly. :)

Here comes the bride!

(I accidentally got a little too close in this picture, if you can't tell)     
Her dress was darling!  Oh my goodness, I loved it!  And she looked so pretty. :)

Look at the preacher!! HA!
This was my first time of actually taking pictures at a wedding... even though I just took them from my seat.  But I really, really liked it, much more that portraits--or even flowers!  It was just so special to be able to capture all these memories for them. :)
Jesse and Adrienne, I love you, and I hope that you have a wonderful, WONDERFUL like together!


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