Thursday, March 8, 2012

FAIL at Blogging!

Yes, yes.  I am a failure at blogging.  Also a failure at the 366 (another fail is that I didn't realize this was a leap year, making my 365 project a 366 project!) project.  Yes, I know.  You're probably saying (or thinking), "One day, Brooke?  Really?  One day?!?"  HA!  Yes, my friends, one day.
What I was actually trying to do was the shortest 366 project ever done... you know, just do one day.  Just kidding.  Yep, I failed.  Woo hoo!
Ok, pity-party is over!  To boost my spirits about all my many failures, I'm going to blog about how far I've come since I started taking pictures, inspired by Emily Grace's Growth Photography Challenge.  I'm going to do a few posts showing my old pictures, then some new ones, that (hopefully, but probably not) will be better than my old ones.  Sounds fun, right?  And, just so everyone knows, Even though I say this will be a few posts, it'll probably just be one... just like my 366 project.  But, hey, it's good to set goals, right?  Maybe I actually will do a few posts.

The first photo I'm going to show you is this one:

I love the resolution, the blue Croc in the background, and the bag of bird seed.  What's especially great about this picture is the date stamp!  Why, oh why, did I ever stop putting those on my pictures?!
Ok, I've seen enough.  I'm thoroughly embarrassed.
This is from last year:

That's what I'm talking about!  I really, actually, love this picture.  It's just so... cute. :)  What I'm especially proud of in this picture is the lack of eye goobies.  I know, I know.   A lot of photographers don't like editing, because they think it takes away from their work as a photographer.  But editing is one of my favorite things to do.  You can do anything you want to a picture!  So I took out her eye goobies, and you can't even tell!

Ah, I feel better already.  I'm really, really going to try to be a better blogger in the future.  Really!
And, to all of my 21 followers, thank you for being loyal during my absence.  I love you all!


mary ann said... [Reply]

No eye goobies! I love it :) I can definitely see how you've improved!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

"Not anymore ... I like 'dem!"

Anonymous1 said... [Reply]

Very good. Your improvement is outstanding. You have said you want to be a professional photographer - what training have you done so you can get to that point?

Brooke said... [Reply]

I really don't know what I'm going to do yet.

Anonymus1 said... [Reply]

Well, I know it's scary to think about being out of highschool and what you will do next, but right now is the time where you must start planning that. You'll do great, but you know nothing good comes free. Planning now will dictate how your life will go.

Brooke said... [Reply]

Thanks for the advice. I really would appreciate it if people used their real names when commenting in here, thOugh. Thanks!

Sam said... [Reply]

Oh, sorry about that. I just saw the previous person put "Anonymus"... So that's what I went with. Didn't mean to make you angry.

Brooke said... [Reply]

No, it's fine! :)

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